future bias (hello)

by Walking Distance

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released December 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Walking Distance Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: - void -
somewhere out there deep in outer space

like a dim light flickering in the distance,

the glow in your eyes is ever showing,

a star expanding, silent burning, gas masses ever growing
Track Name: context
slicked up tile floors that i slipped on
spoils of the great drug war that i tripped on
caught myself, then let him down

you told me you gave up, but were withdrawn
the same sort of way we embrace the sun in dawn

now my mind's writing novels that i can't see
just like the vanishing act of me in my debris
by time the words were written, readied my guilty plea
moved on a hinge, in a cycle, convincing you to hear me

i gave it a title, called it my only pride and joy,
along with all the things i've forgotten since i was just a boy
but it was wrong, false flag, a broken useless decoy.
just words, memories, and stories i wish i could destroy.

you clinged to them anyway,
and smiled, much to my dismay
just muscle memory and a twitch
and i haven't seen in days

but i'll remember those thoughts, if only for me
and the textbooks they've deposited, though you would disagree

information i'll forget next semester,
and moments i'll regret altogether
so for better or worse
i'll write it down in verse
insignificant and fleeting
when seen anywhere but this point in the universe
Track Name: rainsnowdecember
it's a feeling that you get, ready and set, roads are wet
stale cold sweat, blocking thoughts of a thousand years of debt
christmas lights, through the snow,
distorted by white noise, cold lovers enjoy, you know how it goes
late night drives, trying not to think about the past few weeks,
wean and tweak, accellerating fast, trying to breath
speedometer mimicking the percentage chance i wont make it out alive
past sixty five, and up through the sky
broke on through and only sighed
i called it quits, when you reversed all your hellos
like a time bomb slowly ticking down to zero
screamed in my ear, like i could hear
i miss that year, but though i fear
that every second we spent together
was stormy, rainy, jersey weather
all together now: we are sound

it's coming, it's coming, it's coming
it's calming, it's calming, it's calming
hear the humming, hear the humming

i went inside, lacking sunshine
and laid still ttil i felt it
halted progress, mixed the feelings,
and guessed until i solved it
Track Name: future bias (void pt. 2)
there was an abandoned house down the street from mine
one-two-one-five, acres void of anything that's alive
cut my hand sneaking in the front door, nearly bled out, sitting on the front porch
barely fifteen, i accepted defeat
said my goodbyes in my head,
still have clothes stained in that shade of red
retrospect, i could have went back in
but something 'bout that day made me never go back again
and today, to kids exploring it's a murder scene
ritutals for satan, the imagination of a lucid dream
washed my hand next to the cat corpse in the nearby stream
went home, said nothing just laid in bed

so don't think this effects me 'cause i'm already dead

and somewhere out there
deep in outer space
there's a dim light
hidden in the distance
the glow that led me is ever showing
a star collapsing
ordered burning
planets only waiting
future bias, it passed right by us
worries gone, the perfect ending
noise returns to silence